Empowering Beauty Professionals with a Confidential Resource
by offering guidance on beauty techniques, interpersonal relationships, and personal career growth.

The path to success for beauty professionals is strong self value, creativity, technique, and building strong client relationships

At Open 2 Suggestion, we understand that beauty professionals often find themselves taking on responsibilities beyond their immediate experience. Celso's mentoring services, including relevant integrative coaching strategies, are designed to fill this crucial gap, ensuring that individuals are equipped to:
  • Be Empowered & Confident in their role.
  • ​Prepare for professional events, such as presentations and interviews
  • ​Optimize utilization of resources

A seasoned professional in the beauty industry, Celso Enrique understands the complexities and demands that come with the territory. In this mentoring initiative, Celso brings his wealth of experience to shore up the skill set and uplift beauty professionals seeking to navigate this dynamic industy by offering guidance such as: 

  • Critical thinking
  • ​Technical proficiency
  • ​Effective communication strategies.
  • Professional ​Relationship Building

Open 2 Suggestion offers 1 month, 3 month, 6 month, and 12 month Mentoring Packages. For salons and spas interested in a providing our mentoring services for a group of employees, we offer discounted packages.  Click here for information on pricing. 

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