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Can the initial discussion, interviews, and observations be done remotely?
For the most accurate audit, it is recommended to perform all in-person. If accommodations are needed, a virtual meeting via Zoom or Teams is acceptable for the initial discussion and interviews. Observations may include a virtual meeting in addition to in-person meetings, only if this represents the way the group normally interacts with each other.

Integrative Coaching & Mentoring

How do I determine which is best for me, or my staff?
In the initial discussion, we will review the goals you have for yourself or your staff. Based on the information provided, we will advise on our recommended services and the most effective transformation package to fit your needs. A matrix comparing the two services is available here. 
Do you provide coaching during off hours?
Our normal office hours are 7AM To 5PM Monday through Friday. All coaching and mentoring are scheduled during our normal hours. However, in the event a coaching or mentoring session has to be rescheduled, we may consider an off hours coaching for make-up sessions.

Workforce Training

Some of your courses are available through the Massachusetts Workforce Training Fund Program (WTFP) Grant, how do we determine our eligibility for this grant?
Open 2 Suggestion has courses available in their Express Program. For companies with employees in Massachusetts, please visit their website at to learn more about the program, to determine your eligibility, and how to apply. 
Do you offer your workforce training courses online?
Currently, Open 2 Suggestion only offers these courses as in-person training.

Facilitated Workshops

Some of your workshops have a duration of 2-days. Can these be modified into smaller workshops?
We welcome the opportunity to discuss this scenario. For the most effective results, we recommend this workshop be completed in one segment of 2 consecutive days.

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