Communication Options:  The Importance of Choosing the Most Effective over the Most Convenient

In an era dominated by digital communication, we often default to written messages, overlooking the power of spoken and expressive forms of communication. This publication challenges this prevailing trend and highlights the underutilization of the most effective method among the three elements of communication: written, spoken, and expressive.

Benefits of Feedback: Encouraging Opportunities for Growth

Feedback plays a pivotal role in personal growth and development, providing valuable insights into our actions, behaviors, and performance. This publication presents a comprehensive guide on how to handle feedback effectively, emphasizing three essential elements for delivering feedback and adopting a reflective mindset to receive feedback constructively.

Video Games: The Hidden Power of Inspiring Careers in Young Minds

This publication explores the transformative potential of video games, with a particular focus on Fortnite, as a platform for inspiring and cultivating future builders, engineers, architects, planners, and more. By examining the various elements of Fortnite, such as its avatars and skins, collaborative team play, emphasis on self-care, and financial budgeting, we uncover how video games can promote Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) while empowering young players to envision and pursue their passions beyond the gaming world

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