Advanced Personal Integration Coaching

An Advanced Personal Integration (API) Coaching Series is the most intense and the most transformative of services we provide. This can be effective for any area of your life, including your career, family, relationships, health & fitness, spirituality, or personal growth & development.

When you want real change, this Advanced Personal Integration Coaching Series will get to the root cause of what is holding you back.  By the time this session is complete, you will be free from that specific internal limitation, and moves you toward your dreams and goals easily and effortlessly.

In this session, we engage in a confidential dialogue with you to include:

  • Elicit your personal history
  • ​Understand your current hierarchy of values
  • ​Set an achievable outcome
  • ​Learn about your current strategies you employ to cope with negative emotions and limiting beliefs
  • ​Integrate your internal conflicts in a more resourceful way to support you in achieving your goals
  • ​Incorporate your goals and visions via hypnotherapy
  • Guide you to incorporate your goals into your future​
  • ​Elicit your new hierarchy of values

This services include 4 separate sessions over the course of a month with weekly check in. When you participate at 100%, we guarantee 100% change in your mindset toward the specific area of life.  Our weekly check-ins are designed to check and adjust if needed. 

Session #1: (up to 8 hours)
The Initial Session as outlined within. 

Session #2:  (up to 4 hours) 
Follow-up, Shore-Up, and Lock-In the changes. 

​Session #3- (up to 2 hours)
Interim Check-In and Personal Coaching Session 

Session #4- (up to 2 hours).​
Final Check-in and Personal Coaching Session.

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