An integrative consulting service focused on understanding and transforming group dynamics by addressing attitudes and behaviors, ultimately creating a more aligned, motivated, and effective working environment.
The primary goal of this consulting service is to provide recommendations that foster positive change within a group or an organization.
These recommendations are designed to:
  • Elicit and align values and beliefs regarding business initiatives
  • ​Identify root causes of issues hindering progress
  • ​Encourage an "at cause" thinking strategy
  • ​Align the group with positive motivation and well-informed business goals for optimal alignment.
The comprehensive report delivered after the initial audit delves into various aspects, including the existing group culture, alignment with business goals, internal conflicts, limiting beliefs, unresourceful mindsets, and the prevalent motivation (toward vs. away).
It also examines whether the group demonstrates an "at cause" mentality, taking responsibility, or adopts an "in effect" thinking.
Our 3- Step Process

Step #1: Listen & Observe

  • Initial Discussion
  • ​Targeted Interviews 
  • ​Targeted Observations
  • ​Define Desired Outcome

Step #2:  Report & Recommend

  • Organizational Culture Assessment
  • ​Values Alignment Audit
  • ​Group & Team Dynamic Evaluations
  • ​Internal Conflict Assessment
  • ​Other Notable Observations

Step #3:  Agree & Implement Plan

  • Choose Services from Recommended Plan
  • ​Establish Timeline for Implementation
  • Execute ​Professional Agreement for Services

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