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Open 2 Suggestion, LLC recognizes that when new circumstances present themselves, we need a new approach. 

We are a corporate training and integrative business coaching company near Boston, MA.  Our workshops and coaching programs are designed to specifically address the challenges facing employers and employees in our Post-Pandemic World.  
Stacey Rivera & Celso Enrique
We all know that our old belief system around what it means to go to work is forever changed, and the new belief system seems to be a constant work-in-progress. 

By now,  you've noticed the changes you see in your own employees, how the names on your organizational structure sound new, and notice how the culture of your organization feels different. Even the corporate executives and business unit leaders of your organization experienced changes during the pandemic, haven't they?

With the high rate of employees on the move, the organizational structure seems to be transforming on a regular basis, the forming and leading of cohesive teams are more challenging, and there is an increase in internal and external conflicts. 

There is a reason for this erratic behavior. There is also a way to normalize that behavior, and it requires a new approach. One that considers the impact the pandemic has had on how people are behaving in the context of their careers.

Open 2 Suggestion offers a different kind of training and coaching for organizations and their most valuable asset, their people. We offer you effective strategies to elicit the values and beliefs created by the pandemic, and turn those into tangible results. 

We are your best alternative for corporate training and integrative business coaching services to take you and your organization to the next level in this Post Pandemic World. 

We invite you to imagine what your company would look like when it retains and attracts the top talent in your industry, what the glowing feedback will sound like, and how proud you feel because you made the choice to hire an alternative corporate training and integrative business coaching company. 
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Our Services

Open 2 Suggestion, LLC offers Integrative Business Coaching Services designed to train and coach organizations through this Post Pandemic Paradigm. Whether our services are procured through your employer, or you choose to invest in yourself, all of our coaching services are confidential and designed to empower you in your career.

Stacey Rivera leads our Business training solutions and coaching services, by offering programs to integrate organizations with every person within their organization. 

Celso Enrique leads our training solutions and coaching services for  Educators & Salon Owners & Other Service Providers by offering solutions to motivate and integrate client-facing service providers.

We offer the following:

  • Workshops
  • Seminars
  • Lunch & Learns
  • Self-Paced Online Education Platform 
  • Individual Coaching Services
  • On-Site Facilitation & Implementation of Our Programs 

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