Training & Coaching for Construction Professionals

Stacey Rivera, MNLP

As a Co-Founder, Corporate Trainer, and Integrative Business Coach for Open 2 Suggestion, LLC, I leverage my education and my 30 years of experience in the construction industry to create impactful corporate training workshops, seminars, lunch & learns, customized training, and integrative business coaching to address the needs today, in our post pandemic world.

My workshops and coaching programs engage, motivate, grow, and retain employees within your organization while representing you and your corporate values. With effective classes in soft skill training, I offer flexibility for trainings to be on-site, virtual, or a self-paced Online Education Platform (OEP). 

My credentials include a Bachelor’s Degree in Architectural Engineering from Wentworth Institute of Technology, a certification as a Health & Wellness Coach from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, and certifications as a Trainer and a Master Practitioner of Neurolinguistic Programming, Clinical Hypnotherapy, and Life & Success Coaching from Transform Destiny. A Lean practitioner for over 15 years who grew up in the construction industry holding positions as Project Executive, Senior Project Manager, Project Manager, Project Engineer, and Preconstruction Manager (Team Manager).

I am also available for Public Speaking Engagements. 

My writing and published articles can be found on LinkedIN, Medium, and here.

Led by Co-Founder Stacey Rivera, the following Workshops, Seminars, Lunch & Learns are available in a variety of delivery methods and if desired, can be customized to represent your organization:

Soft Skill Training for Construction Professionals

The following  is a list  of our standard trainings offered by Open 2 Suggestion, LLC. 
Open 2 Suggestion, LLC recognizes the importance of flexibility for corporate training. For Pricing and To Schedule your corporate training, tell us which workshops you are interested by clicking below:
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